We create new value for the future together with willing and
skilled people.

MI: Mission Infrastructure is a foundation for ambitious people to create new value.
These will be people of imagination, execution ability and will, looking ahead to the next generation.

-Turning individual autonomous change into a contribution to society.
-Redirecting organisations and social systems towards value creation.
-Developing businesses that contribute to sustainable human growth.

Code of

MIC members carry out the following code of conduct.

  • ・Dive into unknown fields courageously
  • ・Create unique value with determination
  • ・Concentrate domestic and foreign wisdom and strive to be the best
  • ・Build up deep trust through the exemplification doctrine
  • ・Respect one another's intentions within diversity

News Release

News 18.07.01
Announcement of merger and relocation of the head office
News 16.11.17
Mr. Ohue, our representative director, was appointed as a member of a committee, “Sustainability evaluation on system adoption to Asian cities”, METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in October, 2016.
News 16.09.07
Mr. Ohue, our representative director, was appointed as a temporary member of one of committees in technology and safety task force, Aerospace Caucus, Policy Council, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MILIT)as of August 19, 2016.
News 16.08.26
Mr. Ohue, Our representative director, delivered a presentation on the Kitakyusyu Model and ASEAN infrastructure businesses at the Asia Business Study Group of Japan Techno-Economics Society on May 26, 2016.
News 16.07.14
Our company conducts a feasibility study to improve water environment in Pasig River Basin by utilizing Hi-Beads (Granulated Coal Ash) which has been verified in the Environmental Technology Verification [ETV] Program of Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with Hiroshima University.
News 16.07.14
Our proposal on “Model Project for Improvement of Water Environment in Asia (FY 2016)” was adopted by Ministry of Environment
News 16.06.16
Mr. Ohue, our representative director, will serve as a member of the “Study Group on sustainability indicators relating to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Asian cities.”Official report has been open to the public.
News 16.05.20
Mr. Ohue, our representative director, made a presentation for journalists
News 16.04.17
An article by Dr. Osamu Higashi is published.
News 16.01.19
A research paper by our consultant is published.